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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Household Tentacle

Wow, talk about extreme octopus art for your home! seller, ArtAkimbo is taking octopus art to a whole new level!
Available on for $1,200

Here we have one big ass tentacle. Add a touch of eerie goodness to your home decor.
Bursting through a wall of faux bricks, this fabulous bit of cephalopod is sure to delight young and old alike.
I've included a couple of photos of how it might look in your gracious home, specifically if you happen to live in the American wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I carved this piece out of foam and coated it with fiberglass reenforced polymer modified portland cement and acrylic. The base plate is marine plywood.

The entire piece, though large, weighs about 25 lbs. It is simple to hang with the included hardware.

I have spent a number of years building theatrical sets and props. This method of coating foam with hard surface treatments is used extensively in stagework, and makes surprisingly durable pieces.
Shipping costs on this piece will be determined depending on location. Free delivery within 50 miles of NYC.

The faux brick wall measures 30 1/2"x 24 1/2" and the tentacle reaches 43 1/2" into the room.


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The last image is an exhibit at the MET in nyc ha

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