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Monday, December 19, 2011

Octopus Baby Blanket

Looking for something snuggly and octabulous for your newborn? I found just the thing for ya! seller, Angela Curtis, has been crocheting for over 23 years and has been kind enough to share her creations with the world through her many Etsy stores. There are beautiful baby blankies, plushies, scarves and more available at All Things Granny, including this adorable octopus baby blanket.

"Crocheted Baby Blanket - Granny Border Octopus

Granny Square Baby Blanket made with High Quality Acrylic Blend Yarns.

This blanket was lovingly crocheted in a stitch pattern that I call the thermal stitch, because the finished product looks similar to a thermal blanket.

The newest addition to our line of Baby Blanket is our Octopus Motif. He measures 8" x 8", and is securely sewn down to the blanket in one corner.

**This blanket is a Made to Order item, and will be sent to you within 4 weeks time, ready to use, perfect for a gift, and comes from my non-smoking home.**

You may specify different colors if you like.

It is very soft. Measures approx 20" xx 30".

With my 35 years of crochet experience I bring a quality product to you. Each of my products is well made, and should be considered an heirloom piece to pass down in families for many generations to come. All ends are tied into the work, all stitches are uniform.

This blanket is ready to use, perfect for a gift, and comes from my non-smoking home. It will be shipped to you in a nicely wrapped package."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shipwreck! Fabulous Octopus Top Hat from seller, JellyfishVintage aka Mrs. Jones believes that quality and craftsmanship are essential for creating memorable clothing and accessories that will last a lifetime and ensure that you always look fabulous! Mrs. Jones has handcrafted a fantastic made-to-order octopus hat worthy of even the most discriminating cephalophile. Behold...

"This mini top hat facinator, is by far my favorite i have ever made. It is a hand constructed top hat lined in high quality soft crushed velvet, in black and moss green, the it is adorned with jeweled golden octopus legs and golden sea shells, even a gold authentic starfish perches on top. There is fisherman's net draped over it and dried moss too, peacock feathers and a chained emerald swinging on the base, the clams even have pearls! Perfect for a pirate who wants to be a bit out of the ordinary!

Secured with a non slip headband that can be hidden under the hair.

Surprisingly lightweight and comfy for all night wear"

This stunning octopus hat and several other cleverly crafted goodies are available at JellyfishVintage. Happy top hat shopping!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sea Lion vs. Octopus

Originally posted December 12, 2011 - news for Seattle and the Northwest

Last Wednesday, Dec. 7, Everett Herald photographer Mark Mulligan caught a rare sight on camera – a sea lion feeding on an octopus. (See above video)

It is a seldom occurrence to witness the splendor of marine life. The limited encounters that we have with such fuels curiosity and interest.

Seattle aquarium’s curator of mammals and birds, Traci Belting, shared some insight into the diet of sea lions.

“Local sea lions are opportunistic and will eat anything they can,” said Belting. “In the past, necropsies on sea lions have found octopus beaks in their stomachs.”

It’s not uncommon for sea lions to feed on octopus, given its wide dietary patterns. Sea lions don’t chew their food; the only time we are able to see them feed is when they surface to tear their prey into smaller pieces to swallow whole.

“Octopus are usually pretty evasive and make for cunning prey,” said Belting.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Octopus Walks on Land

Originally posted November 23, 2011

(CBS) - The Animal Kingdom is full of wondrous creatures. We are constantly surprised at what animals are capable of. But this is just nuts. Did you know that an octopus could walk on land? Because I had no idea. And this video blew my mind!

There have been videos of octopi on land before, but they're usually along the lines of a little guy falling out of a tank or being placed on the ground. This rubbery explorer just straight up walks out of the water. It's even carrying a crab the whole time.

It is well known that octopuses are exceptionally intelligent. It seems like there's nothing these charming cephalopods can't do.