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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cephalo-word Contest!!!

In celebration of cephalopods, Everything Octopus is holding a contest for our Followers. It's simple and fun to enter, plus you can submit as many entries as you want to increase your chances of winning!

"Win what?" you might be wondering...Win a FREE KRAKEN RUM POSTER, of course! A while back, Kraken Rum was giving these beauties away, but not any longer, making them a hot commodity in the octo-lovin' world. YOURS will arrive to you brand new and never opened.

To Enter...

1) You must be a Follower of Everything Octopus. If you're not already a Follower, go to the right hand side of the page and click "Follow" under the "Follow the Octopus" headline. You'll automatically get Everything Octopus updates and be part of a wild n' zany ceph-loving community!

2) Comment on this post with your very own made-up cephalopod word. Some of my favorites that I use frequently are octo-lovin', cephalophunk, tentacular, get the idea. All cephalopods are game, not just the octopus, so show some love for the squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus too. Have fun letting your imagination run wild!

Each comment containing your cephalo-word will count as an entry. YOU CAN ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

***Be sure to include your email address so that we may contact you and tell you you've WON! If your email is not included in your blogger profile (meaning that we can click on your name in the comment box to access it), then please add it to your comment.***

The winner will be selected by a raffle, meaning that if there are 100 coments, we'll randomly draw a number between 1 and 100, and the commenter that corresponds with that number is the winner.

The contest will run until midnight on Monday, May 3rd, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 4th.

Get creative, have fun, and good luck!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Octopus Affair!

One very creative Everything Octopus reader is on an octo-lovin' joyride and he's taking all his friends with him! Kevin is hosting a very special party tonight called "An Octopus Affair". You can read all about it at (Yes, this party is so hip that it even has its own website!)

Below are some photos of the handmade invitations. Note the use of an octopus rubber stamp...very cute and clever!

I'm looking forward to the post-party pics!

P.S. To the loyal readers of Everything Octopus...I feel a contest coming on!!! Check back this week to find out what we're giving away and how YOU can win!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Heavenly Octopus Housewares from Anthropologie

If the octopus sofa is a little out of your price range, you may want to start bringing the octopus into your home with these other beautiful - and affordable - pieces from

De Vincennes Octopus Dinner Plate - $24

Life-at-Sea Octopus Tumbler - $14

From the Deep Octopus Salad Plate - $14

The plates would be just as beautiful hung on a wall as they would gracing your dining table. These would be ideal for a kitchen or a kitschy powder room. You could even buy one tumbler and use it as a casual vase for fresh flowers.

Have fun octo-fying your home!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Octopus Stockings

Because what lady wouldn't love a little octo-action crawling up her leg? I found these cuties on and really want a pair!

Gab and Tal, the ladies behind Post on know what's up; they've been featuring the octopus on a wide variety of cute stockings in all different colors, styles, and sizes. Prices range from $13-$23.

Product Description
They are guaranteed to turn some heads! They complement your feet and make you feel like you have a gorgeous tattoo. They are cheap, chic, and unique and you won't find them anywhere else!

The design is printed in black on one sock. You get one printed and one blank sock. I really like the asymmetric look, it gives more focus and attracts more attention.

I love that you can play with the design and rotate the tattoo to position it wherever you want!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PETA Aims to Stop Octopus Cruelty!

From: The PETA Files
March 19, 2010

Showing cruelty of gastronomical proportions, restaurants in Queens (Sik Gaek and East Seafood Restaurant) are chopping up and serving live octopuses to customers. Octopuses have their tentacles cut off while they are still conscious and are then served, writhing, while their hearts are still beating. Others are slowly steamed alive in front of customers before their tentacles and upper bodies are cut into small pieces with scissors.

Since we can't "release the Kraken" on these animal abusers, we're unleashing our legal team on the district attorney—calling on the DAs to file cruelty charges against the restaurants. Because octopuses have sophisticated nervous systems and feel pain just as acutely as mammals do, we feel that the restaurants' practices clearly violate the state's anti-cruelty statute.

Recently, octopuses were observed carrying around coconut shells to use as shelter—making these complex cephalopods the first known invertebrate animals to use tools. These "deep" thinkers are also fond of decorating. They decorate their dens with bottle caps, stones, and other objects that they find on the ocean floor. They are so smart that they can also learn how to do things such as unscrew jars by watching someone else do it—once!

Let's hope that the district attorney in this case is just as smart and sentient. You can call or fax the Queens County District Attorney's Office and politely ask that they take action against these restaurateurs. We'll keep you posted. Until then, take this octopus-inspired poll.


Unfortunately, this practice is nothing new. The eating of live octopuses has been taking place in Korea and Japan long before PETA ever existed. Now that the trend is popping up stateside, PETA has taken notice and is fighting to outlaw this barbaric practice.

In case you've ever wondered why I don't feature octopus used in food or simply as food on this blog, it's because it's not in alignment with my values. This is the place where we explore and celebrate everything octopus, which means treating our subject of honor with respect.

Let the celebration continue!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Octopus: Vard's Eight-Arm Shopping Adventure

Everything Octopus reader, Vard, is a natural octo-attractor. That's the only way to explain how she stumbles upon so many random octopuses in her travels. Check out all the octopus goodies she found during one shopping trip:

Since I don't get over to Poland too often, it's very helpful to have a reader like Vard keep us all abreast of overseas octopus action. Check out Vard's Blog for more!

***If YOU have octopus goodies, pictures, artwork, videos, or stories that you'd like featured on, please email me at***


Ever your faithful octobabe,


Monday, April 19, 2010

"But What I Really Wanna' Do is Direct", Said the Octopus

Check out this awesome video of a rogue octopus who snatched a camera from a diver.

Here's what the lucky diver had to say:

while trying to get video of a wild octopus, it suddenly dashed towards me and rips my shiny new camera from out of my hands, then swims off, all while the camera is recording! he swam away very quickly like a naughty shoplifter. after a 5 minute chase, I placed my speargun underneath him and he quickly and curiously grabbed hold of the gun as well, giving me enough time to reach in and grab the camera from out of his mouth. I didn't feel threatened at all during the whole ordeal. he seemed to be fixated on the shiny metallic blue digital camera. the only confusing behavior was how he dashed off with it like a thief haha. cheeky octopus.

songs by: Vincent Gillioz - Car Chase
Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones - Octopus I Love You

filmed and edited by: Victor Huang

location: Wahine Memorial, Wellington, New Zealand

*please note, I was free diving, not scuba diving during this entire ordeal. some news agencies and bloggers have mixed up this fact.

*and if your still bored, go to my Channel to view other crazy sea adventures which I've filmed in Wellington, New Zealand

thanks for watching, and remember life is too short to spend it in front of a tv or at the shopping mall......get out there and live it up! these moments of beauty exist every single second in nature.


Everything Octopus readers, don't you love the octopus song?!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Octopus Tap: The Original Multi-Spout Beer Tap

The octopus is everywhere these days, from sofas to movies to art and now to beer taps. sells an assortment of drinking paraphernalia, including the famed "Octopus Tap", which is a spout that attaches to a keg and serves up to four beers at once. Perfect for entertaining a few of your closest beer-loving cephalo-pals!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get That Credit Card Ready...

Cuz you know you wanna buy this fabulously tentacular sofa!!!

Parisian designer, Nathalie Lete, does it again with this beautifully handcrafted octopus sofa. The lovely octo-sofa is available through for a mere $3,498. Oh, if only I had a credit card that actually worked...

Product Description
A sinuous deep-sea dweller slinks across our firstborn sofa, rendered in intricate crewelwork by Parisian artist Nathalie Lete. Carved ocean flowers garland the ebony wood frame.
Belgian black finish
Eight-way hand-tied seat construction
Linen upholstery
Hardwood frame; poly dacron, cotton padding fill
Professionally clean
39.5"H, 71"W, 35"D
Handcrafted in USA