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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Octopus: Earth's Most Fascinating Creature

They have captivated man's attention for thousands of years, inspiring art, literature, worship, and mythology. The octopus, who has been called by many names over the past several thousand years is a creature shrouded in mystery. And it is no secret: man is merciless to the allure of a good mystery.

In Tahiti you may hear stories about Rogo-tumu, a beastly demon of the sea who drags unsuspecting men to the ocean floor. In the Bahamas, they tell tales of the Lusca, a gargantuan tentacled monster that can change color in the blink of an eye. Norwegian fisherman warn of the terror wreaked upon their fleets by the Kraken, a colossal cephalopod with a destructive nature.

Science tells a different story. Yet all of these mythological beasts are based on a very real animal: the octopus. Perhaps the most fascinating creature on the face of the planet.

If you love a good mystery and have a penchant for the absurd, then stay tuned as we continue to explore and celebrate everything octopus!

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