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Friday, October 17, 2008

Octopus Costumes for Halloween: Children and Adults

Surely babies aren't the only ones donning octopus costumes this Halloween. After poking around the web some more, I found a unique assortment of octopus costumes for children and adults.

Ever hear of a "Wrap-n-Ride"? Well, neither had I until stumbling upon this clever idea. The featured octopus costume wraps around your child to provide a nifty octopus costume and a plush pal to boot! Available at

So much more than just an octopus costume...this unique garment comes with a story worth reading. Pay a visit to to read about "The Octopus in You, Who?" workshop.

A clever guy made his very own octopus costume from a standard hoodie. Read all about making your own octopus costume on

This one has to be my favorite: Not only is this handmade octopus costume great for Halloween, but as designer Tiachia demonstrates, it's suitable for every other day of the year as well. Is that awesome or what? Unfortunately, the one-of-a-kind creation has been sold, but there's still time to get crackin' on creating your very own octopus costume.

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