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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Species: Cyanea Octopus, Part I

The Cyanea Octopus, otherwise known as the Day Octopus or Big Blue Octopus, is a fascinating little creature! here are some key facts about the Cyanea Octopus:

  • The Cyanea Octopus can be found in both the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean from Hawaii to the eastern coast of Africa.

  • This cephalopod growsto have a body approximately 16 cm and arms at least 80 cm.

  • When at rest, the Cyanea Octopus is brown in color, however they have the ability to rapidly change the color and texture of their skin to blend into their surroundings as a defense mechanism.

  • A characteristic feature of the Cyanea Octopus is their dark oval false-eye spots. These spots are present at the base of its arms and on the tips of its arms along with 2 rows of lighter spots. The dark eye-spots are only sometimes visible, as this octopus can change its appearance at will.

  • Cyanea Octopuses feed in daylight hours. Because of this, their camouflage skills are considered "exceptional" among the many species of octopuses.

  • The Cyanea octopus's complex brain sends nervous impulses to their muscles causing them to change appearances almost instantly as they move over sand, coral, rubble and other surfaces. One Day octopus was observed by octopus biologist Roger Hanlon changing patterns 1,000 times over a 7 hour period off the coast of Hawaii!

  • This octopus excavates lairs in coral reefs and associated rubble which can be located by identifying "middens" outside the lair entrance which are typically the empty shells of bivalves and crabs which it has preyed upon.


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