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Friday, February 6, 2009

Adorable Handmade Plush from

This is the cuteness! Check out this beautiful handmade plush from Etsy seller, Hansigurumi. In addition to the vermilion octopus below, there are a slew of others including a blue octopus, Dumbo Octopus, and various patterns for your very own octopus creations. Other animals are available too, but who cares when there's OCTOPUSES!!!

Product Description
Who would make a sweeter companion than this sanguine cephalopod, aglow with fiery volcanic charm?

This is a hansigurumi original plush creation, handcrafted with precision and love, swathed in mottled hues of vermillion, maroon, cerise, cinnamon, and goldenrod. Hand-knitted a hefty size in luscious wool yarns, this sweet creature is a perfect treat for yourself or that special octopus enthusiast in your life!

From a smoke-free and pet-free home. Please note that this creature is intended for display purposes and gentle handling, and is not an appropriate toy for small children.

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