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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ceramic Octopus Travel Mug

I just found the best accessory for a cephalophile on-the-go! Etsy designer, Sarah Constantino turned her love of crafting into a full-time career. Sarah's Etsy Shop, sewZinki is filled with many fun and fabulous handmade treasures, my favorite of which is this snazzy octopus travel mug, which is available in many colors.

Product Description

This hand painted eco-friendly white ceramic travel mug with lid is covered with long tentacled arms of a green octopus. From the depths of the ocean an octopus has crept to wrap it's wiggly arms around your beverage. He will keep watch over your travel mug and make sure would be coffee-snatchers stay away. He's also rather proud of you for choosing a re-usable ceramic mug instead of wasteful paper cups. It keeps his ocean clean.

Hand painted with heat set inks on a creamy white ceramic background. Each one made by me without tracing or templates, so no two will be exactly alike.

Take this 11 oz. double wall insulated mug with you to fill it up with a hot or cold beverage. You'll have original style and be doing your part in reducing landfill waste.

5.75" Tall x 2.25" Base x 3.5" Rim

*******MADE TO ORDER: Please allow 10 business days for mug to be completed due to my production schedule. I ship mugs USPS Priority mail domestically. I also ship internationally.

The paint used in this design is heat set for durability and non-toxic. I recommend hand washing with non-abrasive materials to preserve the color vibrancy. The mugs are micowave safe without the lid on. Paint contains no toxic ingredients and conforms to ASTM D-4236.


Miss Lynx said...

Ooh, I like! Although I would like them so much more with a black background rather than white... But this gives me a idea. I have a black stainless steel travel mug that I'm quite fond of except for the fact that it has a Starbucks logo on it, which I keep trying to cover with various stickers, but they always fall off eventually. But if I could find some kind of paint that would adhere well to already-painted stainless steel, I could ornament it permanently with a lovely octopus! Must look into that...

Liz Granite: BREAKER said...

I like that idea a lot! Just be sure you use a non-toxic paint. Also, I noticed that the artist said she does custom orders too; maybe you could request a black background ;)

John said...
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John said...

I would like them so much more with a dark-colored qualifications rather than bright... But this gives me a concept.
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Mark Scott said...

A travel mug is mainly used whenever we go outside and here blogger shared one travel mug with its mugs