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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Has 8 Arms and 4 Wheels. . .

And will look really cute in your den?

Give up?

Why it's this Clinton Jacobs for Society6 Beastie of the Deep Print of course!

Best of all, this funky octopus is available for your enjoyment in many forms.

Framed Octopus Print, $38

Octopus iPhone Case, $35

Octopus Hoodie, $38

Octopus Laptop Skin, $30

These items and many more are available at


Trudy Holtz said...

thought this dress would be right up your alley! love what you do!

Liz Granite: BREAKER said...

Trudy, right you are! I love it :) That site has so many awesome octo goodies. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That print is so cool, have to save up $$$ for the hoodie because I don't have a den. Love your blog!