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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Outstanding Octopus Pumps from

One of the toughest items for me to track down is octopus shoes, especially cute ones. Luckily is looking out for us cephalophiles and has recently added these outstanding octopus pumps to their ever-expanding collection of octopus goodies.

Outstanding Octopus Pumps Product Description

These unique high heels feature 4.75" heels (3.25" if you exclude the 1.5" platform sole), and a black velveteen body with a red octopus embroidered across the entire shoe including the heel! They say it's not nice to walk all over your friends, but these little guys are happy to get stepped on all day long ♥

*Fit Runs Slightly Big
* Medium Width
* Non-Leather Upper
* Vegan Friendly

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