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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gorgeous Jewelry by Everything Octopus Reader, Ele Maudsley

Everything Octopus reader, Ele Maudsley, took her talent for jewelry design and combined it with the inspiration she draws from octopuses to create a stunning line of handmade jewelry to dive for!!!

Ele's Bio

Hello, my name is Ele. I am currently based in my home town Carnforth, Lancashire. I completed my degree in metalwork and jewellery at Sheffiled Hallam University. I am an artist, designer maker specialising in metalwork and jewellery, my pieces being a crossover of both worlds.

I like to create objects that can be admired as pieces of sculptural art but which can also be worn and intereract with the body. My work is theatrical, bold and interactive and would lend itself to a catwalk or performance scenario. I work predominately in silver or brass, enjoy combining metals and other materials and use hand skills as well as some engineering. I am inspired by natural form, history, surrealism, storytelling and the Steampunk aesthetic, combining old and new. I try to incorporate a kinetic element to suprise and entertain the wearer/viewer.

Please visit Ele's site, to see more of her tentacular creations.

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