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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Octopus Charm and Chain from Tiffany & Co.

First Betsey Johnson, then Juicy Couture, and now Tiffany!?! The world has gone mad for octopus jewelry!

Ocean treasures. Charm with round brilliant diamonds in 18k gold. On a 16" chain. Charm and chain available separately.
Charm - $425, Chain - $150

Could somebody please remind my husband that my birthday is coming up? Thanks!


Dakuro said...

Oh my god that octopus it's beautiful I love it, and it's not so expensive as I though,, thanks for share.

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pepe cadena said...

I think that this jewel is wonderful, I would like to buy one, I work in a pharmacy and Y Viagra Online , one of the costumers give me a similar octopus!