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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Species: Caribbean Reef Octopus

The Caribbean Reef Octopus dwells in the waters throughout the Western Atlantic, Bahamas, Caribbean and the coasts of northern South America. They are solitary creatures that tend to only come out to the reef and grassy seabeds at night when it's time to feed.

The most unique feature about the Caribbean Reef Octopus is the color of its skin. The Caribbean Reef Octopus, sometimes simply called the Reef Octopus, has a distinctive blue-green colour that becomes reflective under divers lights, and this makes them very easy to see when they are out feeding. Of course, like other octopuses, the Reef octopus can quickly change color using specialized cells in its skin known as chromatophores.

The body of a Caribbean Reef Octopus grows up to 12cm in length and arms that can reach around 60cm. Its arms are webbed, which is serves as a useful tool for feeding. The Reef Octopus often spreads its arms to turn its webbing into a canopy in which it can trap its prey. The Reef Octopus commonly feeds on crustaceans, bivalves, and small fish.

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