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Monday, May 4, 2009

Video: Rare Footage of Haliphron Atlanticus

Dr. Sylvia Earle describer her encounter with a rare Octopus off the coast of Hawaii. Dr. Earle was the chief scientist and director for the Sustainble Seas Expeditons - a five-year project of underwater exploration and discovery of the marine world with special emphasis on the National Marine Sanctuaries of the United States.

Dr. Earle was on her last dive Jan. 19 just off Lanai at a depth of about 1,300 feet, with National Geographic photographer Kip Evans in the second submersible.

"It was a nice long dive, almost three hours," she said. After Evans lifted off, she said she saw what she thought was some plastic hanging in the water.
"It turned out to have eyes -- an enormous octopus ... a wonderful creature. She inspected me while I inspected her' ( Honolulu, HI)

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