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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Octopus Cufflinks from OctopusMe on

I had posted a pic of these in an earlier post about seller, OctopusMe, although I didn't give proper credit and attention to these beautiful little works of art.

I have to admit, while I'm not so thrilled about the use of real octopuses in making this jewelry, OctopusMe, makes some of the most beautiful octopus jewelry I've ever seen!

Check out these very fabulous cufflinks:

Product Description
Ah, finally, the unveiling of the Men's Octopus Jewelry! These are Hand Cast from a REAL Octopus and made in Solid Sterling Silver! All of the detail of the tiny suckers to the beautiful skin is amazing! There are only two in stock so be sure to get yours this Valentine's Day at this special price! Comes packaged in a classy black velvet box with a material ribbon so it's ready for gift giving. Be sure to spoil him today with this punky and unique handmade gift!

Finish: Dark oxidation with bright high spots and hand added textures

Size: 20mm by 20mm (Diameter the size of a nickel)

Be sure to check the other listings for the matching tie tack pin, cuff links, pendants, etc. Also can be made with a blue diamond or other stones. Convo me for pricing :)

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Nigel Heffernan said...

Beautiful cufflinks, an item of real value... Soldered onto the flipover back-fastening used on cheap mass-manufactured cufflinks.

Take a look at Longmire, the world's finest cufflinks. Then think of one of the tentacles (the hectocotylus, if you're that way inclined) spiralling downwards as a rigid fastening through the cuff.