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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fabulous Octopus Garden Wallpaper!

Seriously, I want to buy a house just so I can put this in it! Wouldn't this octopus wallpaper look darling in a powder room?

Product Description:
Luminous octopi intertwine and phosphorescent sea creatures dance in a mesmerizing pattern over clay-coated paper. Hand-silkscreened by Grow House Grow.

Adhesive required
Silk-screened on clay-coated paper
Roll: 30'L, 27"W
Covers 67.5 square feet

Available at, $198.


ktdd said...

Hey Liz, little secret! I sell this pattern on my the sheet as well as by the roll! I don't own my own place either, so all of my hand-printed wallpaper can be bought in sections and framed or mounted. Woo!

Liz Granite: Rock Diva said...

Katie, I love your site! Your work is beautiful. Thank you for getting in touch. I look forward to buying from you soon.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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