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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Octopus Jewelry from Noadi on

Check out Noadi on, and get your hands on some of her beautiful handmade polymer clay jewelry and sculpture creations. I've picked out my favorite octopus pieces, and there's lots more on her site, including squid, nautilus, and cuttlefish jewelry!

Steampunk Octopus Necklace, $35

Octopuppy PermaPet, $55

Cosmic Octopus Hair Sticks, $40

Octopus Tin, $42

What the creator has to say...

Inspired by a love of marine animals, science, and all things weird and wonderful. Noadi's Art is the creation of artist Sheryl Westleigh. Polymer clay jewelry creations and mixed media sculptures. If you love cuttlefish, octopus, trilobites, or other strange creatures I've got something for you.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines - US orders must be placed by these dates for best chances of arriving in time for the holidays.
Cephalopodmas/Solstice - December 17
1st day of Hanukkah - December 6
Christmas - December 20
1st day of Kwanzaa - December 20

International shipping time is unfortunately hard to predict so I can't give deadlines. Ordering 2-3 weeks in advance is a good idea but I can't make any guarantee it will arrive in time.


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