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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kissing Octopus Couple USB Flash Drives

I'm constantly bouncing back and forth between different computers, so I love USB Flash Drives for transporting data. I am so excited now that I can have kissing octopuses transport my data instead! Are these things cute or what?

This pair of lovely octopus USB flash drives will really kisses together as if they are fated to be together. Well, it’s all thanks to the Magnetic end of the flash drives that will pull the north and south pole together.

The blue pretend to be the male and the pink is the female gender. So they can kiss only with sex opponent, not with the same type (blue with blue for example)!

Based on the concept of kissing, A-DATA launched T806 Kissing Octopus Couple flash Drive. With the charming heart shaped eyes and lovely pouting mouth, the design of T806 represents great passion for romance. The T806 comes in two colors – light pink and sky blue.

These two colors represent a lovable couple- making it a great gift on Valentine’s day. Each color of the octopus equipped with a different magnetic pole. When you put these lovable octopuses together, they will stick to each other and form a hot kiss!

You can also use it as a magnetic sticker! To prevent cap-losing problem, the USB Drive can be loaded reversely into the octopus. Let these lovely couple awake the childhood memory deep inside you.

USB connector with magnetic inside. Could be use as magnetic sticker.
Built-in storage space design on the cap for USB connector.
Rubber material. Water proof and shock absorption.
COB process for PCBA
USB 2.0 (Backward compatible with USB 1.1)
Support Window Vista/XP/2000, Linux 2.4 or later, Mac OS 9 or later
Dimension: 49 x 35 x 35mm (approx.)
Weight: 33g

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