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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Octopus Goes Looking for Love at the Seattle Aquarium

Published 02/15 on
Written by Theron Zahn

SEATTLE -- Six hearts and 16 arms went on one very complicated blind date this past Valentine's Day.

Captain the giant pacific octopus was the lucky participant. Scientists at the Seattle Aquarium hope he'll mate with a female named Buster, and a crowd is here to watch.

"The most romantic thing we could think of doing on Valentine's Day," said Luke Reicheley.

Captain left behind a blast of ink at a diver, but once the diver made it to the other side of the tank, it didn't take long for Captain to turn on the octo-passion.

"They didn't seem to mind (there was a crowd)," said Laura Groennebaek. "They went right for it."

Biologist Kathryn Kegel says so far, so good.

"They're all together; all tangled up and were just waiting to see how it goes," she said. "A lot of times they'll do it in the evening and not actually in the public hours."

And who can blame them with everyone watching?

"I agree, nighttime is the better time," Kegel said.

So it looks like a love connection. Kegel says they could have up to 1,000 babies.

"They're about the right age and the right size," Kegel said. "They were checking each other out during the week."

The couple better find love soon, because next Saturday, Buster will get a new home underneath the pier at the Seattle Aquarium.

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