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Friday, April 23, 2010

Octopus Stockings

Because what lady wouldn't love a little octo-action crawling up her leg? I found these cuties on and really want a pair!

Gab and Tal, the ladies behind Post on know what's up; they've been featuring the octopus on a wide variety of cute stockings in all different colors, styles, and sizes. Prices range from $13-$23.

Product Description
They are guaranteed to turn some heads! They complement your feet and make you feel like you have a gorgeous tattoo. They are cheap, chic, and unique and you won't find them anywhere else!

The design is printed in black on one sock. You get one printed and one blank sock. I really like the asymmetric look, it gives more focus and attracts more attention.

I love that you can play with the design and rotate the tattoo to position it wherever you want!


Vard said...

and the shipping abroad isn't that expensive... worth considering. :)

Liz Granite: Rock Diva said...

Good point! They have a lot of other cool designs too. I like the tattoo-inspired ones as well.

misslynx said...

Those are awesome! I would have to get a pair or several - were it not for the fact that I already have tattoos on my legs in approximately that same position. (No, not of octopi, though now I'm thinking maybe I should add one of those...)

Kristina said...

I've seen those! Perhaps I could use it as a test-run for my octopus tattoo...

petrova said...

Wow this is amazing I'd like to see my girlfriend wearing those stockings and then taking my viagra because that king od costumes excite me a lot.