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Thursday, April 22, 2010

PETA Aims to Stop Octopus Cruelty!

From: The PETA Files
March 19, 2010

Showing cruelty of gastronomical proportions, restaurants in Queens (Sik Gaek and East Seafood Restaurant) are chopping up and serving live octopuses to customers. Octopuses have their tentacles cut off while they are still conscious and are then served, writhing, while their hearts are still beating. Others are slowly steamed alive in front of customers before their tentacles and upper bodies are cut into small pieces with scissors.

Since we can't "release the Kraken" on these animal abusers, we're unleashing our legal team on the district attorney—calling on the DAs to file cruelty charges against the restaurants. Because octopuses have sophisticated nervous systems and feel pain just as acutely as mammals do, we feel that the restaurants' practices clearly violate the state's anti-cruelty statute.

Recently, octopuses were observed carrying around coconut shells to use as shelter—making these complex cephalopods the first known invertebrate animals to use tools. These "deep" thinkers are also fond of decorating. They decorate their dens with bottle caps, stones, and other objects that they find on the ocean floor. They are so smart that they can also learn how to do things such as unscrew jars by watching someone else do it—once!

Let's hope that the district attorney in this case is just as smart and sentient. You can call or fax the Queens County District Attorney's Office and politely ask that they take action against these restaurateurs. We'll keep you posted. Until then, take this octopus-inspired poll.


Unfortunately, this practice is nothing new. The eating of live octopuses has been taking place in Korea and Japan long before PETA ever existed. Now that the trend is popping up stateside, PETA has taken notice and is fighting to outlaw this barbaric practice.

In case you've ever wondered why I don't feature octopus used in food or simply as food on this blog, it's because it's not in alignment with my values. This is the place where we explore and celebrate everything octopus, which means treating our subject of honor with respect.

Let the celebration continue!!!


k said...

I would think someone so fond of octopuses would know that octopuses don't have tentacles: their appendages are arms. There is a distinct difference.

Otherwise, I LOVE the blog!

Liz Granite: Rock Diva said...

Hi K, Thanks for your input. I actually do know that octopuses have arms, which makes them a rather unique cephalopod. Cuttlefish and squids are blessed to have both arms and tentacles - All the more reason to love 'em!

I did not write the post; it is from PETA. Maybe you'd like to explain the arm/tentacle distinction to them LOL

That being said, I am very fond of all cephs and love me some tentacle action!

Glad you like the blog! You comment is most appreciated!

k said...

Hmph! I will write to PETA immediately. Their mistake SHOULD be corrected.

Did you know that two types of squid actually have teeth on their tentacles? (Giant squid and colossal squid, methinks) That's just terrifying, so I'm glad I'll likely never be in contact with either of them!

I'm glad at least Someone knows the difference between arms and tentacles! and I'm also so glad that this blog exists!

Liz Granite: Rock Diva said...

Wowzers, I did not know that! My squid knowledge is a little limited.

I'm love your enthusiasm for the blog! Check back this week for details on our upcoming cephalophile contest.