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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cool Films Handcrafted by Cephalopods

Everything Octopus reader, Ian, shared this very cool video with us that I think you'll all enjoy!

Have you ever heard an octopus speak? Neither had I until I watched this interview with Reg the Octopus. He just might be the hardest working Octopus in Hollywood. Wait till you hear his resume...

Reg The Octopus on


Dan said...

Haha Love it!!

bete-noire said...

Liz! i'm sorry to contact you this way, but i'm not seeing an alternate option, so feel free to delete this once you have absorbed the content.

look! it's a project for cephalophiles! SO CUTE. and looks fairly easy.

<3 <3 <3 like whoa.

Vard said...

so I'm gonna be the next spammer... sorry for that, but I thought you may be interested. recently I've decided to make an online catalogue of my tentacled collection, here it is: - it's just a small part, gonna add the rest when I have time.

btw, love Reg! <3