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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Octopus Holiday

I trust all my fellow cephalophiles had a fantastic holiday! Were you the lucky recipient of an octopus-themed gift? Or was your tree adorned with tentacles rather than tinsel? I invite all Everything Octopus readers to share their pictures and stories of octopus gifts, decorations, cards, anything octopus that they enjoyed this holiday.

Please share your octo-glory by emailing your submissions to by December 31st.

To kick things off, check out this adorable octo-stocking lovingly handmade by one crafty reader:

Everything Octopus reader, Amber Gilmore, said her husband requested an octopus stocking this year, so she happily obliged! Can you imagine the look on ol' Cephalo Claus's face when he saw this gem hung by the chimney with care?!

Looking forward to your submissions!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of octopus-related stockings, did you see this one?

OK, so it's technically not an octopus tentacle, but it's at least thematically related...