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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Bent Metal! Handmade Octopus Lamps

In case you haven't noticed, is a gold mine for octopus goods - clothing, jewelry, plushies, housewares, you name it! What's even more amazing is that items for sale at Etsy are all handmade, and who doesn't love the uniqueness of a product handcrafted by an independent artist?! One such artist/craftsman/octolover stopped by Everything Octopus recently to share his wares with us.

Canada-based blacksmith, Brendan Duggan, has created some killer octopus lamps, which are for sale at his shop, Get Bent Metal.

The lamps sell for $1,500 (CAN) each, and while maybe not everyone can afford one, we certainly can all appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these cephalo-inspired lamps.

Check out for more metal!

1 comment:

Rosy Smith said...

It's Really cool metal octopus lamp.I just like it.