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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: Octopus vs. Beer Bottle

Whoooo lives in a beer bottle under the sea?

We have seen the amazing octopus wiggle it's way in and out of some surprisingly small spaces, yet it is always astounding to watch this special little ceph do its thang. Check out the video below to see how the skeleton-free octopus can contort its body in and out of tight spaces with grace and ease while camouflaging itself on the ocean floor.

P.S. Shame on whoever is littering the sea with beer bottles!


Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Bring on the cephalopods! Happy to have run across your blog and looking forward to everything octopus!

-Carrie and Ben

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

And to comment on the video - they are quite amazing creatures aren't they? Unfortunate they have to live with our rubbish....

Liz Granite: BREAKER said...

Hi Carrie & Ben, So glad you enjoy the blog. Feel free to shout out whatever you'd like to see featured here on Everything Octopus.