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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Octopus Neckties

Nothing says "I'm all business" like an octopus necktie, right? For those who want a little fun with their formality, may I suggest a visit to seller, RokGear. This is the shop for octopus neckties for dads, grads, and cephalofiends alike! Check out the amazing selection of colorful octopus neckties

Octopus Bow Tie, $22

Boys Octopus Clip-on Tie, $22

Octopus Necktie, $28


New Design RokGear original hand drawn pencil to paper to print features several octopus in a paisley type design this design has some sweet detail very sharp and clean enlarge the pictures for a better look.
hand print silk screen using 100% toxic free lead free solvent free earth friendly water base ink, heat cured to last the life of the necktie.

More details at the shop site.

There's plenty of time to place your order for Father's Day and Graduation...or simply because octopus ties are awesome and you've got to have one!


Macabre Doll said...

i would totally go to work with that

Liz Granite: BREAKER said...

And you would mahvolous, dahling!

Macabre Doll said...

hehe :p