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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Octopus Ceramics from

You may have seen the work of Liz Russell who sells her handmade wares from the website in my previous post, "Octopus Teapots". As it turns out, teapots are just one of Russell's cephalopod delights...

Seeing this octopus tile in my home would make me smile!

Another octopus tile for your bath or kitchen.

A collection of butter bells, one of which features an octopus.

Octopus soap dish.

Is this octopus serving bowl stunning or what?

The best part of waking up is an octopus on your cup.

"Honorable Mention" goes to the squid bowl, which is also quite marvelous.

And not to be forgotten, the nautilus makes an appearance too!

Lis Russell's creations are high-fired stoneware, handcrafted & hand painted original pieces. They are microwave, oven, & dishwasher safe. All glazes are nontoxic. The items featured on Everything Octopus, along with hundreds of other beautiful designs, can be purchased directly from her website,, and she even does pieces on commission (ya know, just in case you want your very own, super special octopus stoneware service for twelve!)


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