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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Species: The Hairy Octopus

Ok, the species name is not official. Not much is known about this elusive non-identified species of octopus, although I did find it on one site labeled as "The Holy Grail of Cephalopods". How cool is that? These hairy lookin' fellas are found in the waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

These photos were taken in Satonda, Indonesia. More wonderful marine-life shots from Eric Cheng can be found on Flickr .

Less than 1 inch in length!

There are also a few good shots shots on It would be a copyright infringement to post them here, so you'll hafta' mosey on over there to see for yourself.


Nad Lembeh said...

We have been having a few of these guys around recently, i managed to get some video. Here's a link:

Embed in the article if you wish, and thanks for the info i found here!

Robert Roy said...
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