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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art from Everything Octopus Reader, Nina Crittenden

I am continuously amazed at the incredible talent and creativity of Everything Octopus readers. Children's book artist, Nina Crittenden, recently shared her underwater illustration featuring a variety of sea creatures including one very handsome Daniel Day Octopus.

Nina even has a coloring book version available on her site, for kids to color in their own imaginative interpretations of the under-the-sea illustration as well as others.


Do you have art, photogrpahy, tattoos, toys, or anything octofied to share with Everything Octopus readers? Please email it to - Your submissions are most welcome!


Nina Crittenden said...

Thank you SO much for posting my artwork! (shakes your hand 8 times!!!)

EverythingOctopus said...

It's my pleasure! Thanks for creating awesome octo art :)