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Friday, October 19, 2012

New Tentacular Tee Shirts from

Leave it to to bring the awesomesauce once again! After scouring the web for the snazziest octopus tees for years now, I've gotta' say, it's refreshing to see a good looking V-neck! This genuinely excites me, as I hope it does you.

The second serving of awesomesauce comes in the form of wrap-around tentacles. They go around the whole shirt! This means increased visibility for fellow cephalophiles. Rejoice with me, people!

Tentacles V-Neck Tee Product Description

Killer Design!!

Red and grey tentacles wrap mysteriously around the front and back of this super comfy tee! This unique design couldn't be more awesome and is sure to turn heads (cause well, it's amazing!)

This design is printed on a high quality, 100% tri-blend, v-neck top (50% cotton, 25% polyester, 25% rayon) cut especially for ladies!

Size: See dropdown for sizing

SIZING NOTE: This t-shirt is almost one size larger than the women's shirt size you'd normally wear (for instance, the model is 36 bust and is wearing a medium for a more fitted look). If you are in between sizes, go DOWN a size. If you prefer baggier tees, go up a size.

Small = Regular Women's Medium

Medium = Regular Women's Large

Large = Regular Women's XL

XL = Regular Women's 2XL



(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Darn, darn darn! Shana should know cephalophiles come in 2 genders and 4 sizes. I feel so left out.

EverythingOctopus said...

Don't despair - There's a dude's version too!