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Monday, October 29, 2012

Octopus Snowboards

As the seasons change, so do the sports, and it's nearly time to trade the surf for the snow! As it turns out, there are many snowboarders hitting the slopes with cephalophile style. Here are some of the most stunning and striking octopus snowboards I found while crawling the web for everything octopus.

Tentacles snowboard from

Pink tentacles snowboard designed by Konrad Kirpluk

Psychedelic octopus by Jamie Lynn at

Classic Minoan octopus design by Junkan


essay writing service said...

Lovely snowboards and beautiful pattern on it. We hardly find these snow boards here, I would like to have one of them, thanks for sharing it with us

Unknown said...

Know any good custom board companies I'd love to have that pink tentacles board right now I just rent.