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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cephalopod Ink Handmade Pottery

Funny things happen when I go deep into the wild of the world wide web in search of everything octopus. Sometimes I find myself falling down the rabbit hole, searching for one topic and ending up on another entirely. Today's post is the result of one fruitful fall, if I do say so myself. is a handmade ceramics shop and gallery owned and operated by Tanya Casteel who disocvered her love of oceanic creatures when she moved from Kansas to Maine at age 19.

Artist Bio from

I'm a full-time ceramic artist in Fuquay-Varina, NC (near Raleigh) My background in photography, my interest in science, and love of the ocean all informs my work. Each item is individually handmade, making them one of a kind. They are decorated with aquatic decal graphics that I make myself. The decals are applied last and fired in a kiln (during a 3rd firing) which transfers the iron-oxide pigment into the glaze; making it part of the glaze. The images will NOT come off! I also make all the glazes myself. My pottery is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Now wait till you see the beautiful wares Tanya has created and sells on, I want one of everything octofied.

Octopus Cup, $25

Cuttlefish Plate, $50

Octopus Bowl, $32

Octopus Mug, $32

Squid Tiny Bowl, $18

Tentacle Wall Art, $135

...and there's lots more where that came from! In addition to featuring some fine cephalopods, Cephalopod Ink also features a fun variety of ocean life including seahorses, eels, whales, coral and more. Check out for the full line of Cephalopod Ink ceramics.

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